The B-Box Energy Storage System utilizes the Iron Phosphate battery in a modular design that allows the flexibility to use up to four battery modules in a single rack.

The B-Boxis able to meet the requirements of different storage systems by increasing the capacity through parallel connection of battery rack.


40kW/40kWhESS is a scalable modular lithium-ion battery storage solution.Batteries and control electronics are inserted in two standard 42Ucabinets as plug-in units. The individual battery modules, solarchargers and PCS can be pulled out, inserted, and moved safely. Theintelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors state of charge,voltage, and temperature of the individual battery modules, amongothers. The whole system can be operated automatically based on theinternal intelligent program and enable the users to use moreefficient and stable electricity.


TheEmergency Power System-3000 is specially designed for emergencyenergy application by using both solar and grid input, with allcomponents in one portable carrying case, 3000W output power and7200Wh&4800Wh Battery Energy could fulfilling all the basicenergy demand for Home, Business, and Government Agency.


Relyingon the advanced Lithium-ion Iron-Phosphate battery technology, wecan provide large-scale energy storage systems, distributed energystorage systems and micro-grid systems. Based on these systems, wecan provide a complete power solution realizing power outputsmoothing, peaking shaving, frequency regulation, transient activepower responding and transient voltage supporting, to keep the powersystem running safely, stalely and reliably. These solutions can beused for frequency regulation, voltage compensation transitiondeferral and power quality management in the power system.

Wemainly provides two kinds of indoor/outdoor solutions for on-grid,off-grid and hybrid use. Ourenergy storage systems can be fit for various needs based on itsflexible and modular design.

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